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Just like choosing your wedding dress, when you chose your jewellery and tiara it is important to consider your everyday style as well. You need to feel confident and comfortable as well as beautiful in what you are wearing. As all of our pieces are made to order we can incorporate details from the dress that you have chosen into your jewellery and tiara for a more co-ordinated look.

As a starting point our collection is split into four themed sections to help you chose your style, Classic Bride, Beach Bride, Crown Jewels, and Mid Summer Night's Dream. Take a look at all four collections to get inspired, as everything can be customised to suit you and your style. For example something from the Beach Bride Collection can easily be altered to suit a Classic Bride.

Take a look at our colour chart to get colour inspiration. We can add a hint of colour to any piece, make it from a combination of colours, or change the colour of the entire design.


For most women their wedding day is the first time that they get the chance to wear a tiara, so here are some tips and advice on how to choose the right one for you, and when it arrives, how to wear it...

Which style?

The idea of the tiara is to draw attention to your face, not away from it. The style that you choose should be able to frame the face and compliment your dress and overall look, but it is important to chose a shape that compliments you face shape first, and your dress second - we can always work on the details of the tiara to co-ordinate it with your dress, as each piece is made to order just for you.

How to wear your Tiara

  • Tiaras are different from head bands or Alice bands as they sit on top of the head horizontally like a little crown, rather across the top of your head and tucked behind the ears.
  • Once you have decided that you are happy with your new tiara the sides of the base band can be gently pushed outwards to make the fit bigger. Your hair dresser will be able to help you to do this at your trial. (Unfortunately we cannot not accept returns on tiaras after they have been altered in this way, so make sure that you are happy with it before altering it)
  • All tiara bases are silver or gold plated unless otherwise stated. They are lightweight and come boxed.
  • Please store your tiara in it’s box at all times when you are not using it to avoid it becoming damaged
  • If you are not confident with a tiara we have a range of combs available. Please email us for details
  • If there is something in our range that you would like customised please contact us on 0800 043 4206 to discuss
We can also create something just for you, please see our Bespoke design service page for details.
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